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In Issue N°4 Openhouse join Rooftop Smokehouse in Barcelona, who have brought back the art of smoking food. They visit Marjorie, who has opened her home every Sunday for the last 20 years to give jazz concerts in her beloved Harlem. Also every Sunday, American artist Jim Haynes has been making dinners for the last 37 years in Paris. They pick vegetable at Muld, a filed to table farm just outside of Copenhagen, and discover MA Hidden Kitchen in Milan that have taken the idea of a supper club to a new level. Remaining in Italy they visit the secret garden of the Pandolfini family in the hearth of Florence, where the Serra MK Textile Atelier opens its doors to markets and dinners. In Madrid, Officio Studio, open their home and workspace to the public to sell their leather products, and Casa Helsinky in Cordoba, Argentina, is a home away from home for travelling guests. They finish with the modernis Rose Seidler House, architect Harry Seidler built for his mother as his first project in Sidney, that is open as part of the Sydney Living Museums.

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