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Exhibition Magazine has always been focused on the feel of things. The Paris-based mag has tackled powder, silk, lipstick and leather, transforming these ordinary materials and challenging how they can be perceived. For their latest issue, wax steps up to the plate and photographers Luigi & Iango have taken up the challenge. Invigorated by what they call the “extremely versatile medium” they revealed how after months of testing out the material they found it “very challenging and exciting to experiment with.” Emboldened after visiting a medical exhibition in the South of Italy that had wax mannequins, the duo along with stylist, Tom Van Dorpe, loosely interpreted the sensual colors seen there into their poetic visuals. Modern muse Malgosia Bela was chosen as the canvas and contorts her svelte frame into sculptural wax formations that resonate otherworldly. As a mannequin brought to life, Bela hypnotizes audiences with her intense gaze and delicate distortion of reality.

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